Doubting yourself while job searching

I get asked all the time-"how do I stay positive-when this job search is a roller coaster ride?"  It is-there will be ups & downs-highs & lows…

But, you need to have a positive attitude to stay on track & achieving your goals-be it a better job, more meaning, an active lifestyle…Whatever!

And who are you keeping around you? Staying positive is tough when some "friends" are Energy Zappers!

If you wait too long, you won’t be able
to say all
you wanted to, and then, you’ll find yourself staying negative.  Attitude effects behavior!  Hard to keep networking, applying for jobs, when your spirits are low!

Our lives can be so crazy busy that it is all too easy to let
days, weeks,
months and even years go by without making the effort
to get together with those friends that are your fan club-that support you-no matter what!
Sometimes a day spent in appreciating supportive friends are the fuel that keeps you going!

Before you know it, you’re back into action.

What do you need to stay positive?

In Abundance!

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Doubting yourself while job searching — 16 Comments

  1. excellent post. you have to understand that sometimes a friend can try to be helpful but it is a downer to you. just appreciate your friends but put their opinions into perspective.

  2. Great point, Marcia (love the name, by the way!)
    Often, well-meaning friends will try to help but often don’t realize they’re being negative & not supportive-AT ALL!
    Perspective is key. Ask yourself, what you think/feel?
    And, realize their perceptions are just that-colored by their own “filters”. Often, it’s not about you!

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