Are you a Woman of Purpose?

My On Purpose Networking for women honored Patsy Anderson, creator/coordinator of the Womens Expo!It was a fantastic event!  Here are some photos of some of the gang! 🙂 Patsy does radio, the Womens Expo-promoting it all year long & making … Continue reading

Thinking of Abundance & Law of Attraction…

When I went to Sedona for that Wealth & Life Balance Retreat, I had no plan that it would be the start of pretty major transitions!  Here am I, an expert on Transitions-wrote on the Transition Cycle & really help … Continue reading

The Transitions of our friends…

I received an email from a former student-angry that I’d lost touch-she did, too.  But, it’s all good-I am not blaming!  Friendships come & go and what once was…sometimes has to change.  The transition from employee to small business owner…an … Continue reading

Trade Shows-great places for Job Search!

I took an unplanned hiatus-fell in office-I’m bruised, but, ok…now.  My laptop faired worse! 🙂 The Womens Expo in Catonsville, Maryland USA is this weekend. There are 175 exhibitors (I’m one of them!)  Some solo-entrepreneurs, but some small businesses with … Continue reading

Womens Expo!

I’m really psyched–I get to meet baby boomer women/midlife women & their daughters, boyfriends, husbands & fathers at the 6th Annual Womens Expo  It’s Sat-March 10 & Sun-11th at Catonsville in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  Been creating handouts on transitions … Continue reading