Why talk of the judge at the Anna Nicole Smith trial?

Been away-had relapse of flu-thanks for your kind emails.  But, I’m ba-ack!:)

I really couldn’t believe all the hype surrounding Anna Nicole Smith-not her tragic young death-39!
The custody of her body!  Where she’s going to be buried-this trial was all you heard on the news!
And, when the verdict was rendered..well that, wasn’t nearly as interesting as the judge’s display of "passion"-one "judicial expert" exclaimed.  "never saw a judge behave like that!" another retired from the bench for 20 years, echoed that sentiment…

Puh-leeze!  It seems people forget about the baby daughter Anna Nicole left mother-less!  And the father?  A DNA test will decide paternity.

For now, we focus on the judge, his passion & compassion-should he have broken down in court?  No, I guess not…But, people show emotion at inopportune times-maybe he could’ve composed himself more… Is he human? Yes.

Is this whole Anna Nicole thing a circus?  Yep.  Some of my boomer women clients are dealing with some tough transitions & following their passion is a good thing-gives a more fulfilling life!

Just had to say that!  Guess my passion is showing?

In Abundance!


Why talk of the judge at the Anna Nicole Smith trial? — 2 Comments

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