Why talk of the judge at the Anna Nicole Smith trial?

Been away-had relapse of flu-thanks for your kind emails.  But, I’m ba-ack!:) I really couldn’t believe all the hype surrounding Anna Nicole Smith-not her tragic young death-39!The custody of her body!  Where she’s going to be buried-this trial was all … Continue reading

The Interview-is there such a thing as age discrimination?

I’ve been away-dealing with a relapse of the flu, then, a fall-bruised my ribs (ouch!) & my dignity! (Double ouch!) But, while recuperating, some clients & readers of both my blogs , this one & the one on Transitions, & … Continue reading

Celebrated Astronaut, Lisa Nowak transitions into Depends-wearing kidnapper!

I’m in Baltimore, Maryland.  Lisa Nowak was the pride & joy of Rockville, MD-their own native daughter…now, the former Naval Academy grad is an arrested kidnapper!  Talk about a transition!  She let her obsessed passion get the best of her!  … Continue reading