How thin is too thin?

Just survived from a whopper of a flu!

I was listening to the radio & they were talking about the furor that the incredibly gorgeous Tyra Banks caused – she’d gained 30 pounds after her modeling career!  Talk about transitions!  Now, is she a slovenly has-been?  No, she’s a healthy, voluptuous woman with curves!

Hey, I’d be thrilled if I had her "pudgy" figure!  Those form fitting dresses & pants tell a different story!

And, I heard that many countries are considering banning way too thin-ie: anorexic-lookiing, models from the catwalks!  A 21 year old Brazilian model-88lbs-DIED recently!  Guess, now, finally this ideal of never be too thin or to rich-might be called into question?

Many of the women I coach are dealing with staying positive-and many feel they are too fat and too old for the job search!  Then, when I probe-too fat is often 10-25 lbs!

What do you think?  How thin must you be?

In Abundance!

Marcia the Transition Chick!

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