Being a solo-entrepreneur doesn’t have to mean doing everything solo!

This solopreneur is very proud of not being solo!  My recent bout of the flu gave me time to reflect-too weak to do much else!

As I lay huddled under 2 blankets, my web site got updated, a newsletter I’d written went out, a class I taught was rescheduled, a new product I am launching got steps closer & some articles I wrote are getting submitted as we speak!

My team of part time Virtual Assistants-a back up & my regular one, my super-dependable web designer, my brilliant audio guy & friends never let me get sick and stop my business!

No matter what, a solopreneur just can’t do all-barter, pay for some help-anything!  I wrote all about this in a compilation-The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs 

In Abundance!

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