Ever feel like you’re on a roller coaster?

No, not literally-I like the thrill, too…But, I mean the highs & lows of the job search.  I’m doing a Get Hired Now! class and each participant is at a different place-some are at the contacting employers & follow up, others are just figuring out what they want.  Yet, we all come together by phone and for that time feel the support & accountability, sorta like someone holding your hand when you ride that coaster!

Between the easy systematic way the book is laid out & the mutual support, the job search is manageable & will lead to a GREAT job that fits!

Find a buddy, a job club, my coaching program-get that support so you don’t get dizzy with the ups & downs!

In Abundance!


Ever feel like you’re on a roller coaster? — 11 Comments

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