There is no “I” in team!

I am in a product class.  This class is really great-it teaches us how to create a great info-product.  But it really emphasizes teamwork & to count on each other – it’s divided into teams for a competition at the end.

Winning is nice but being on our team is all about SUPPORT!  I have never experienced this dedication and commitment-my team is amazing!   I wasn’t a sports kinda girl-more individual competing than on a team…

Many of us have been on the phone-all day-helping each other-creating a team newsletter, composing a greeting card insert for one team member who has a card account, then she’ll be sending out 20 cards to all our other members!

Talk about teamwork!  I added some blog posts and co-wrote a few paragraphs-brainstorming about our newsletter & lending moral support…Done!… Going to our team tomorrow!

I’m creating an audio and an ebook, another is doing a  membership site…still another is doing a Flash animation how-to guide…others are creating classes, workbooks, cds…we all are learning and doing and offering support to each other! No one will get left behind.

Have you experienced this team approach?

In Abundance!

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