How to survive the holiday stress?

I’ve had pretty major stress-not to mention the holiday frenzy!  Before the eggnog or caroling…my computer had a meltdown!  So did I! 🙂

But, I’m better now-on my old PC-hope to get a NEW one!  After-Holiday sales are great!

But, promised to talk of surviving the holidays-maybe with your great, but, dysfunctional family.  Think we all need support right now!

1. Think of something that is lovable…or, at least, ok, about each one.  It’ll keep you focusing on the positive!

2. If you need more, just laugh (to yourself) at how predictably crazy the holidays always are!  For example, Uncle Henry or Joe or??? always falls asleep after that huge feast & snores in front of the TV, someone always forgets the rolls and they are always slightly burnt…those 2 always bicker & ruin our holidays!  Whatever it is-laugh, see the humor-can’t be upset or depressed while you’re laughing-smiling to yourself with mirth.

3. Think you don’t have to do this again til next year!

It worked for me-SHH!

In Abundance!

Happy Everything!

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