What’s your financial IQ?

Finances…Money…Freedom!  Sounds good, huh?  Everyone wants Financial freedom.  Yet, many don’tachieve it.  They chalk getting this to luck, coincidence…anything…often, beyond their control…

I coach baby boomer women mostly on transition issues-changing careers, wanting more out of life, aligning her work with her passion & purpose and maybe starting a business from home…Many of these women have trouble talking about money-either as salary or as business owners.  Getting paid for their knowledge, experience and expertise is a tough subject to broach! Do women feel they don’t deserve it?  Talking about money is somehow not polite?

I know I used to feel that way-but am getting much better…

Got me thinking about intelligence and IQ…Is there a Financial IQ?  How do you know if it exists?  If so-What’s yours?

In Abundance!

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