Job Search Dilemma-The salary question

I had an interview coaching client call me frantic- she wasn’t expecting this abrupt question…about 5 minutes into her interview-after the "ice breakers-"did you have trouble finding us-ready for the holidays?" The interviewer said let’s get right to it.  What salary do you want?  She said she stuttered a range & the interviewer proceeded to probe for a dollar figure… She felt very uncomfortable and decided that just wasn’t the place for her!

She asked me how you would answer a question like that so next time she’d be prepared!  Compensation is based on many things.  The employer naturally wants to pay the least amount of money to solve his problem.  The job candidate is the solution.    Without knowing the scope of the problem, how can you estimate how much the solution will be?

Put another way-when asked what salary do you want-right off the bat-saying calmly, I’d like to hear more about the responsibilities of the position and table that for the moment…You should be prepared with salary ranges for that type of position and industry.  Another response might be-well, based on my research, I know that positions such as this one, are in a range of 45-60 and I would expect the fair market value.  I’d be happy to discuss this further…What do you see as the greatest need  for this position?  Basically, you’ve given a range and have moved on to more important questions.

Looking forward to hearing your interview or  career questions! or just put your question in the comments!

In Abundance!

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