Accountability, do we need it?

What is accountability?   Here’s a tip I’ve had great success with!  In my product class, we have teams and we have Accountability Days.

This involves telling at least one other person what you’re going to do.  This is so powerful!

I use it all the time in my coaching-I ask my clients to commit to getting or doing some things at the end of our session each week.  And I commit 1. to supporting them  2. to provide it on an ongoing basis  3. Any follow up steps I need to take on their behalf-an introduction, critiquing their resume, sending sample networking scenarios…reviewing their business brochures, business marketig plan…whatever is needed.

Making that commitment to another person keeps you on track in action & reaching your goals.  My goal is to finish my audio product on Transition Triumphs-more about that later!

But, like many of my coaching clients, they want to make a change-have more or any work/life balance, grow their business, get that meaningful job, transition to a new career…whatever!

Do you think accountability works?  Share your tips & tricks!

In Abundance!

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