We all get overwhelmed, right?

I’m so overwhelmed-just spelled overhelm! 🙂 Been thinking lots about what we do when we are feeling the overwhelm! I told you about my products class team-some are farther along being an entrepreneur, doing Internet Marketing-dealing with shopping cart programs … Continue reading

Does your job search have to take a holiday?

Forgive my absence-computer meltdown! Top sales performers schedule those tough to reach appts for Dec 26-30…Why?  Folks are in the office organizing, more relaxed, maybe, planning for next year-6 days away. The job seeker, especially, the networking-savvy one, knows that … Continue reading

Job Search Dilemma-The salary question

I had an interview coaching client call me frantic- she wasn’t expecting this abrupt question…about 5 minutes into her interview-after the "ice breakers-"did you have trouble finding us-ready for the holidays?" The interviewer said let’s get right to it.  What … Continue reading

What’s your financial IQ?

Finances…Money…Freedom!  Sounds good, huh?  Everyone wants Financial freedom.  Yet, many don’tachieve it.  They chalk getting this to luck, coincidence…anything…often, beyond their control… I coach baby boomer women mostly on transition issues-changing careers, wanting more out of life, aligning her work … Continue reading

Hi, why listen to me about career/transition stuff?

I’m Marcia Merrill, the Transition Chick…Why listen to me?  Well, I have lots of life experiences and done several major transitions!  Career changing from being a Staff Analyst for an Engineering Consulting firm to being a Career Counselor, by way … Continue reading