Tag-you’re "IT"-remember that game of hide n’ seek-when everyone hid and the one who found you-tagged you "IT"?

Well, fast forward to 30 or so years later…it’s now phone tag!  And just as fun!

I’m in a product team mini-group on Internet Marketing.  Each Monday, we "meet" via telephone conference call.  I’m in Baltimore, one’s in South Africa and the other is in the UK…Very long distance hide n’ seek!

I rang one bridgeline-none on that line, got an email saying they were on another call with a team leader in NYC.   So, tried to guess the bridgeline where I hoped they’d be…nope…Meanwhile ..they’d ended their call & called on the first bridgeline…and I’m completely flummoxed (isn’t that a fun word?)  I get an email-"we’re here, where are you?"  Shades of "tag, you’re IT"!

So, finally, we connected-easy!?  We’ll try carrier pigeons next time!  Ain’t technology grand?

In Abundance!

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