Are you JV material?

Being a solopreneur isn’t easy – but being isolated & not "playing well with others" pretty much guarantees it’ll be tougher than it needs to be!

JV’s or Joint Ventures, require strong commitment to your mutual success-the whole is greater…By working together, you can accomplish so much more than indidually!

Communication, both verbally but also by email, this is key-you most likely are in different states, maybe countries and time zones is vital!

Here are some questions to ponder…

So, #1-Are you open to new ideas-thinking "outside the box"?

      #2-Are you ready to be successful, take your business to the next level?

       #3-Are you enjoying a reputation for integrity, being trustworthy in your business ?

       #4-Are you willing to commit to seeing this alliance from idea to implementation?

       #5-Are you fun to work with & believe in the JV/Alliance concept?

So, are you JV material?

In Abundance!


Are you JV material? — 19 Comments

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