Tag-you’re "IT"-remember that game of hide n’ seek-when everyone hid and the one who found you-tagged you "IT"? Well, fast forward to 30 or so years later…it’s now phone tag!  And just as fun! I’m in a product team mini-group … Continue reading

Thanksgiving-from a solo-entrepreneur’s perspective

Yesterday, I reflected on how every day can be Thanksgiving!  No, not the feasting part-the gratitude one! I always say to my coaching clients, family and myself-yes-self-talk is very important (the positive kind, not those little negative tapes!) have/adopt "an … Continue reading

Lessons we can take away from “Dancing With The Stars”

I love ballroom dancing!  Reminds me of those Fred & Ginger movies & gliding effortlessly as they jumped over furniture, walls, ceilings…Ok, I’m allowed a bit of unreality! I started thinking about what my coaching clients as well as me … Continue reading

Wealth & Life Balance Retreat, what does that mean?

I spent last week in Sedona, Arizona. If you haven’t been there, go! It’s absolutely gorgeous! The red rocks…great weather…incredible surroundings…you feel relaxed just being there. I vacationed then, went to a 3 day Maximizing Success-Wealth & Balance Retreat. Three … Continue reading