Why plan?

"One very important aspect of motivation is the willingness to stop and to look at things that no one else has bothered to look at. This simple process of focusing on things that are normally taken for granted is a powerful source of creativity."

–Edward de Bono

I collect sayings & use them in my life & my coaching.  I am a solopreneur & have to have a plan of what I want to accomplish-how I want to run my business…I’m very creative & have a zillion things I want to do.

Planning gives me focus.  I learned this from a wise business coach!

But, I was ill-still not 100% today.  So, plan?  Out the window!

Best laid plans…Please share your thoughts/stories about planning…

Help me out -I need some diversion from being sick!


Marcia the Transition Chick!

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