What’s your story? Do you have one?

All weekend long, I was telling my "story"-sharing with many other cool women their stories of work/life balance And being a solo-preneur or wannabe-those baby boomer women who’ve experienced feeling overwhelmed by choices and those who feel they have no choices.  I wrote a chapter on the Transition Cycle among other women authors talking about life fulfillment-personal, professional, financial & spiritual…it’s Inspiration to Realization.  Visit my web site for info on how to buy!

But, I really want to focus on the story of the many midlife women & some men…that I met.  Some shared their stories with me, others couldn’t…And one drop-dead gorgeous young woman said-"I don’t have a story".

So, help me out-do you have a story?


Marcia the Transition Chick, Career/Life Transitions Coach

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What’s your story? Do you have one? — 2 Comments

  1. I am trying to get Baby Boomers interested in podcasting. I am a Boomer and I think that many would enjoy listening as well as developing shows.
    Any ideas?
    Take a listen to mine.
    How about a reciprocal link?

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