Domestic Violence-October is Awareness Month-shouldn’t it be always?

Domestic Violence Awareness began yesterday Oct. 1st and is the whole month of October! Many are blogging about it.  My friend, Laura Young, has info on a murder resulting from domestic violence   

I live in Baltimore, MD and there was a case of a husband whose wife had fruitlessly gone before the court to get a restraining order…Her husband went to her work, doused his estranged wife with gasoline and lit her on fire!  The judge deeply regretted this & took early retirement amidst applause!  She had 3rd degree burns, painful operations and countless emotional & physical scars!

At the Book Festival this past weekend, I spoke with many abused women-some still reeling from their relationship & the rage they’d endured.  Others stayed in that situation-planning to get out someday… Others were in homes protecting their children from the violence that existed at home.  I’m a Transition & Career Coach & unfortunately, I hear it all the time…

Oct. is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, shouldn’t it be year-round?


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