What do the words, transitions mean to you?

Hi You can really help me out…When I say Life Transitions-what does that mean to you?  Please share a comment or respond to me privately. marcia@ecareercorner,com  Please put Transitions in subject line-I don’t want  to miss it!  Thanks!  For all … Continue reading

Beliefs determine behavior,can you change that?

Almost all psychologists, philosophers through the ages…and various career counselors, coaches & this Transitions coach truly believe this. I’ve seen it time & again first-hand with my midlife women clients-those baby boomer women, often in transitions-work or life! My Get … Continue reading

What’s your story? Do you have one?

All weekend long, I was telling my "story"-sharing with many other cool women their stories of work/life balance And being a solo-preneur or wannabe-those baby boomer women who’ve experienced feeling overwhelmed by choices and those who feel they have no … Continue reading