What to write?

When folks hear I write many articles, a monthly newsletter & am now, a featured author in Inpiration to Realization-on my web site-www.eCareerCorner.com And will be featured in Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs (pub. Oct. 2006!)    I write on being a Solopreneur & how you learn in action.  And proud author of an e-book, you can now see & buy my e-book on Transitions & some self-tests to help you figure stuff out!  Course, I offer coaching as well.:)

Do I get "writer’s block"?  Of course, but sometimes, I’ll do something else & clear my head…)

But, sometimes I write about news stories like Steve Irwin’s tragic death, or thoughts of clients I’ve helped or information about some programs I’m doing, other times, I just write long hand-even, if all I write is" I don’t know what I’m writing!  It will start to flow… or…?

What do you do to get over writer’s block’?  Always open to suggestions! 🙂



Take care

Marcia the Transition Chick, Marcia Merrill, Career/Life Transitions Coach

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