Do you glow with passion?

This morning, I went to a Vivacity Womens Networking Breakfast.  The 30+ women were mostly baby boomer generation, some,talked of feeling "stuck" in transition.

Others talked about thinking their life is their family-only now, this changed.  The kids were growing up-leaving for college or a job…Some of these "empty nesters" were divorced or widows.

Yet, there were other of these midlife women who just glowed with vibrancy,life & joy!  They were doing what they loved-following their passion!

It didn’t matter the work they chose,some were solopreneurs, like me, in a small business, others  had meaningful employment… Some of the women I talked with-some hated their jobs or weren’t sure what to do or just how to start!  There was no glow for them, yet…

Do you glow?  Why?  Why not? If no,what needs to change to let you glow?

If, yes, what makes you glow?


Take care,

Marcia the Transition Chick, Marcia Merrill, Career/Life Transitions Coach

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