Changing Planes-it’s a lot like life. Isn’t it?

You know being in an airport unfortunately “stuck” waiting to change planes is like life…It’s very similar to changing careers or any number of changes.  It seems everyone knows where they’re going but you.

It’s a feeling of directionlessness -–(is that a word?)–the stress of not knowing what you’re supposed to do!  You might talk with people to get more information (networking).  Research the arrival & departure board or a combination of things.  You develop a plan.  One of action to move you toward a solution-less stress, feeling “all alone,” & toward your "life purpose"–getting that plane!  You have a guide to support & encourage you (the Flight manager), your “coach” that helps you find your way–Getting to that gate!

Metaphors can be fun!  Changing plans or planes is not!  Do you have any airline stories?

Marcia, The Transitions Chick

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