Is Balance an impossible dream?

I teach teleclasses on Solopreneurs, Transitions, Career Development & several others.  No matter what teleclass it is, my individual or group coaching clients, always work/life balance is a popular subject!

We all want to have work we love & a life full of family/friends & activities we enjoy.

A solopreneur, myself included,strives to run a business but not let it consume us 24/7!   Then, there is no life outside of work, to balance.

Women in transition-career or other changes-baby boomer women, especially, are reassessing & want to end all confusion, get more clarity & value balance in their lives- put their feet on firm ground.

Time-everyone wants more time to devote to themselves…not just giving to others…That is often the unspoken expectation of women, the nurturers.  But, devotiong time to self-care is the 1st step toward self development.

But, balance-is this like the "Man of La Macha" song-the "Impossible Dream"? I’m not certain, but have to believe it’s possible!

Support & guidance of having an objective advisor/coach, are always a part of attaining this.

Is work/life balance a possibility?  What do you do to get work/life balance?


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