7 Things You Might Want A Career Coach

I hear many of my career coaching clients say-"wish I thought of this before" but I also hear from those who don’t get how helpful coaching could be…

Here are 7 Reasons For Getting A Career Coach: ( a la Letterman)

7. You feel something is stopping you from moving forward

6.  You have been treating your life/business as a "hobby"-a Dress Rehearsal…This is it!

5.   You feel you’re not being supported

4.   You feel no one really understands how you feel

5.  You feel overwhelmed-trouble prioritizing what to do first!

6.  You can’t feel good or vision where you’d be in 5 years & how to get there

7.  You want more work/life balance, support, honest feedback and an action plan

Sound familiar?


Marcia the Transition Chick

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