Two Paths–which one are you?

As I looked on while my "niece" celebrated her 10th birthday at her family’s barbecue, I marvel at how different her mom, Jane & I had become.  Many are both wife & career women,, but our lives intersected once and now she works hard as a stay-at-home mom & wife.

We’re both midlife women.  Both of us have undergone many changes-transitions along the way.  She just adopted a toddler and now has a ten-year old, too.  She works very part-time…maybe 5-7 hours/month and volunteers for many projects and is a brownie leader.  She & I have one of the best relationships- one of support, encouragement & love.  We’ve been best friends for 18+ years!

She’s a full-time mom & takes care of the home, has a beautiful garden and makes great meals!  I, on the other hand, am a full-time Career/Life Coach-a "career woman" and a small business owner-a "solopreneur"!  I’m a wife and "parent" of 2 super cats…

Being a Career Woman & a mom are far from mutually exclusive!  Many of my coaching clients are a combination-wife/mother/career woman and either are looking for life/work balance and a job that "fits" or want to be their own employer & start a business-be an entrepreneur.

So, what role do you play?  Career woman, mom, or a combination of the two?


Take care
Marcia Merrill,CCMC, JCTC         
Marcia the Transitions Chick!

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