The country is on alert-Code Red!

Code Red!  Even the words sound ominous!  These are scary times.  Overnight, everyone must leave their "comfort zone".  No more bottles of water carried aboard planes!  One of my "security blankets".  Baby formula is even suspect.  TSA demands you drink it to prove it’s ok-you "pass inspection."

But, many  feel that, regardless of what they do, they’re not good enough!  They aren’t going to "pass inspection!"  They’re ready to fail.

Maybe life should be on "Code Red"?

What do you think?


Marcia Merrill,the Transition Chick, Career/Life Coach

I help midlife women to dicover the BEST is yet to come!  Sign up for my FREE special e-book, "5 Secrets to Career/Life Triumphs!" & get a BONUS subscription to my ezine full of tips & resources


The country is on alert-Code Red! — 20 Comments

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