What Do We All Possess Equally?

If there’s one question that is either directly stated or we see the effects…it’s time-how to manage it better, keep track of, waste it…

TIME-there never seems to be enough!

I set my watch 5 minutes ahead to ensure I’m on time-psychology!  But, then I know this & stretch the limits!  But, I dutifully write everything down-my coaching appts, teleclasses and the time to prepare-so I get things done and feel accomplished!

I’m working with a client-who has a home business and can’t seem to separate work from household responsibilities and gets nothing done on either!  We’re designing an Outlook calendar-one for home,one for work-and she has what she needs to do to feel accomplished.

I normally don’t advocate 2 or more calendars-but we’re working on work/life balance & moving toward integration and color-coding!

What do you use to keep track of time?


Marcia Merrill, CCMC, JCTC

Marcia the Transition Chick


What Do We All Possess Equally? — 14 Comments

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