What is Midlife Anyway?

I was speaking at the Womens Expo  in Catonsville last weekend on "Transitions & the Transition Cycle" and a woman in the audience asked-"what is midlife, anyway?"  My Psychology text when I was studying for my 2nd Masters degree, this one in Counseling Psychology , said, "midlife is between 26 and…"  I gave that answer but opened it up-what they thought midlife was…I heard 35+, then 40’s, 50 ish, and 60+…None are right or wrong.  I believe from working with my midlife clients that it is a time in your life where you feel your life is half over and you still might not feel any wiser.  The time when you take stock and may need to make some changes-or something is already altering-kids may be growing up, graduating and going to college or finished that and moving away.  Family life may be changing-a divorce, death of a loved one, needing to care for an older relative or being downsized or having to go back to work.

What I find is that the more in control of the situation my clients are, the better and easier their transition.  Most of them consider themselves to be in midlife-and they range from 36-60 ish.  One client is 72 and hopes she’s in midlife!  She feels at least she’s got 10-20 good years left and wants to do something meaningful,  and creative in her life.

That’s the key-wanting to do/follow their passions-what they feel they were meant to do.  My Blog2Bestseller teachers, Andy Wibbels, author of BlogWild-soon to be released-www.andywibbels.com and Suzanne Falter-Barns, a media insider whose savvy gets you publicity-www.getknownnow.com  Both say to be honest, direct, vulnerable and maybe even take a stand!  Ok, I will.  I believe everyone has to have meaning, to be involved in doing what they were meant to do.  Midlife is especially a time to make sure you’re doing what you were meant to do.  Not Woo-woo or super-religious, just my true belief and experience.  I was meant to help midlife women in their quest to develop meaning & purpose in their lives.  What’s your truth?

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