What is Life Transitions Anyway?

A recent Harris poll reported 70% of employees were planning to change jobs/careers when the economy picked up!  Well, employers are hiring, unemployment is decreasing, and consumers are buying.  Are you part of this majority?   

Transtion is Change.  This can be a downsizing, divorce, kids leaving home or even death of a loved one.  Personal growth, wanting more time for self could also create a change or enhancement of your perspective.

Women, often, those in mid-life-(35+), find these questions particularly resonate.  Reflect on these:

I’m just not sure what I want to do.

  • If I pursue a goal or dream and many obstacles come my way, it must mean it     wasn’t meant to be.

  • I schedule time for everyone else’s needs but my own.

  • I’m doing or pursuing something in my life that gives me a strong feeling of               satisfaction, meaning and purpose.

  • I need to overcome my negative emotions.

o       I often downplay my knowledge to avoid seeming arrogant.

o       I take time to do things just for me.

o       I long to find/rediscover my passion/purpose in life.

I ask all my clients some form of these questions.  Ask  yourself, is there a change on your

horizon?  Journal, make a collage, do a drawing/painting, think on it while driving to the dry

cleaners, the bank, the gym…Whatever you’re doing….Just think-what is my meaning?

Thinking about defining Transitions, thought I’d share with you some info & statistics I talked about in my presentation at the Womens Expo-held during Womens History month!

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