The “Learning Curve”–It’s Okay, isn’t it?

I’ve entered the world of e-Commerce, Internet Marketing…It’s quite a learning curve, but positive, it’s doable!  I’m offering a JobSearch system, Get Hired Now! Teleseries-you can register at my web  You’ll be directed to my shopping cart and after purchasing, you’ll get an automatic "Thank you" with info on bridge number and when text will be sent…All through the miracle of autoresponders!  Incredible!

But, my VA, Gloria & I set these up, and my terrific Web Designer extraordinaire,Will Milham, walked me through it!  Now, a role-model for all my coaching clients and especially my midlife women ones, I feel determined to achieve and teach this to my solopreneur clients!  Many also in midlife & women-that’s me!

What are you learning?  How does it feel?

Marcia the Transitions Chick!


The “Learning Curve”–It’s Okay, isn’t it? — 12 Comments

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