With Friends Like These….

Ask yourself, "Do I surround myself with positive people?"

Ever have a "friend" who tells you you’re thin as a rail and should eat?  But, you know, they’re just being kind-you have 20 more pounds to lose and you don’ look anorexic now!

Or a "friend" who urges you to have just one cigarette-knowing you’re quitting & have the patch to prove it?

In my work coaching midlife women, these examples  sound all too familiar.  Surrounding yourself with positive people doesn’t mean the ones positive you’ll fail!

That’s not support or encouragement-it’s sabotaging all your hard work…

In Career Coaching or any life change, some of our friends/family may feel threatened…

Are you the one changing-or that "friend"?  Opinions?

Please share!


Marcia the Transitions Chick!

Turning midlife into the RIGHT Life!

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