Clutter is in the eye of the beholder

A past post on my former blog talked about clutter…specifically, de-cluttering my PC.  One of the comments said they think of kitchen counters & closets when they think of clutter.

I read that having clutter around you can hamper your productivity…I know that as a small business of one, me-a solopreneur, I have to have a fairly uncluttered PC.   Then, I can find my ebook I’m working on, a chapter for book-Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs (more later-stay tuned) & other things I write-like the teleclasses I teach.  Counters & closets come later…

What does the word clutter mean to you? 

Don’t look too closely at my counters/closets!


Take care
Marcia Merrill-Career/Life Transitions Coach
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