Lessons from a Chocolate Museum

A Chocolate Museum?  I was in heaven!

Our last day of vacation-far away fom my coaching business and learning about small business practices or the worries and joys of being a solopreneur!

The only thing I planned to do was be the "tourist" in Brussels-buy postcards, go to museums, hang out in the Grand Place-(gorgeous gilded houses showing the wealth of various trades from the 17th & 18th centuries…)  Ok, I learned a little history.

Then, there it was, my mecca-a chocolate museum!

You enter & they give you a warm shortbread cookie dipped in warm chocolate!  And this is only the beginning-this chocoholic was in Nirvana-the aroma!-The baking chocolate, chocolate displays…And the chocolatier demonstrated how he makes these delectable treats-dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate-he offered samples of his creations!  MMM…

There were 3 floors that told the history of cocoa, where it was grown and how the chocolate is graded as to its purity-the purest is for Belgian chocolates!-Quite a serious process!

Speaking of chocolates, yes, you could purchase packages of your very own!

What a great marketing idea!  Here’s that learning thing…give away free stuff-"pink spoons" in marketing lingo, the freebies entice you  to buy, once you KNOW-how great it tastes, LIKE-how they do it with such attention and it IS good…and you TRUST them that this package you buy will be as good or even better!  So, you PURCHASE THE PRODUCT-the chocolates!  What a sweet business! 🙂

What do you think?  Did it work?


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