Be Your Own Best Friend

Friendship…the support and encouragement that makes everything seem easier.  But sometimes we need to be our own best friend.

I always talk to my coaching clients-some midlife women or baby boomer women, as some prefer…I’m both! I’m also a wife, cat mommy, solopreneur…We all have labels.

But back to taking time to be good to yourself-self-care.  Self-care is so vital to our sense of well-being!

As women, we tend to put everyone’s needs before our own, as Teri Hatcher, of Desperate Housewives fame says in her book, "Burnt Toast" -women always give others the nicely browned toast and take what’s left-the burnt toast…

I just went back to my gym, Curves, and did something just for me!  It’d been 3 weeks since I got there-too tired, too busy, don’t feel really up to it…rationalizations-some truer than others…

But, I became my own coach/friend and told me I’d feel better and more importantly, I was worth this time & could take this time for me!  Hey, I’m a Life Coach-I should automatically feel this way…What can I say-I’m not perfect, no one is…

Do you practice self-care?

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