What keeps you up at night?

No, this isn’t a commercial for a sleep aid…Well, not a "quick fix-take a pill" variety.  "What keeps you up at night-tossing & turning & worrying & not resting peacefully…?

This often is a big part of any coaching session-be it one of my  entrepreneur/solopreneur small business clients or one of my baby boomer women in transitions clients, actually often the same.

Whether it’s a business coaching issue or a career/life one-it can cause stress, anxiety and sleepless nights!

We work together to achieve your goals, be it a more meaningful career, a sense of purpose,  or a successful transition to that next chapter-being an achieving business owner or a contented, joyful person or all of the above!  This is not unusual.  Seen this many times.

Sooo,what has you tossing & turning?


Marcia the Transition Chick aka Marcia Merrill, CCMC, JCTC

Career/Life Transitions Coach

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