What’s the “rock in your shoe”?

This idea of a small rock-a pebble or a large stone in your shoe hurting or annoying you is much of what I ask in my coacing sessions.

Baby Boomer women-often identified as midlife women are my niche-who I am meant to serve.  My teacher who taught my teleleader training to be certified to teach the teleclasses I offer, calls it "a rock in your shoe question…"

Now, I really relate!  We were walking in sandals across gravel-well, you know what happened.  That was sooo annoying & painful-much like my coaching clients experience when they feel "stuck"-between a rock & a hard place!

I help bring freedom from pain…RELIEF from that "rock in shoe" feeling. Support as we clear the stones from your sandals.  You can walk-even gleefully skip!

I often use what keeps you up at night-tossing & turning?  But, that’s another metaphor!


Marcia the Transition Chick-aka Marcia Merrill, CCMC, JCTC

Career/Life Transitions Coach

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