The “Learning Curve”–It’s Okay, isn’t it?

I’ve entered the world of e-Commerce, Internet Marketing…It’s quite a learning curve, but positive, it’s doable!  I’m offering a JobSearch system, Get Hired Now! Teleseries-you can register at my web  You’ll be directed to my shopping cart and after … Continue reading

Choosing From the “Menu” of Life

Many of my midlife women clients, baby boomer women or anywhere in between, have this in common–choice and what this means. In our coaching, we discuss options giving them the encouragement and realistic feedback they need.  The question is "what … Continue reading

How to “Strangle” Yourself Minutes before a Teleclass

Good grief!  This was one of those moments when you look around for a camera.  Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!  My younger readers will be scratching their heads…but us midlife women & men get it! OK,imagine me, connected to the … Continue reading


Hi! I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback about my blogging.  And a media expert advised me not to dilute my presence with 2 complete blogs!  As I learn and my small business grows, change must happen as well. So, it’s … Continue reading


My mom had Alzheimer’s…As a baby boomer and one of the many midlife women, I am very  concerned.  Reading about how boomers worry about this, I can sympathize.  The Third Age-  talked about how unprepared we are to even think … Continue reading

The Long Tail-what’s that?

The Long Tail is a book about Internet Marketing-often for the entrepreneur.  The idea that a niche -especially the keywords that you search on are getting more complex and this results in folks making their income from smaller priced items-just … Continue reading

What is viral marketing?

Viral marketing is an internet marketing strategy which uses word of mouth to create the buzz that increases traffic or sales from your web site.  Any entrepreneur or any small business would love this kind of free advertising! Those videos … Continue reading

Clutter is in the eye of the beholder

A past post on my former blog talked about clutter…specifically, de-cluttering my PC.  One of the comments said they think of kitchen counters & closets when they think of clutter. I read that having clutter around you can hamper your … Continue reading