“Circles of Influence”

Ok, here I go with my metaphors again…I spent 2 days last month at an incrediblePower of Collaboration conference.

We spoke of our circles of influence & interconnectedness-a valuable concept for any small business-most especially the solopreneur.

My head was buzzing-ideas of collaboration-I ordered calamare at a nearby restaurant after the conference…picked up a ring of breaded calamare & immediately my mind was reminded of influence-those circles we all have.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”-I chewed on that as I speared another calamare ring &  dipped in the garlic sauce-a new collaboration -a combination of differences that complement & create something better than each alone.  I got it!

I’m viewing all collaborations in a new light!

So,what do you think about collaborations or for that matter-calamare?


Marcia the Transition Chick

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“Circles of Influence” — 19 Comments

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