“Circles of Influence”

Ok, here I go with my metaphors again…I spent 2 days last month at an incrediblePower of Collaboration conference. We spoke of our circles of influence & interconnectedness-a valuable concept for any small business-most especially the solopreneur. My head was … Continue reading

Dental Pane (Pain)?

My dentist was a solopreneur-a typical small business!  But, now he has three dentists and several dental hygienists working for him!  Transitions! He knows many of his patients hate going to see him.  He has a painting of a window … Continue reading

There is no”I” in TEAM…

Wow.  I just completed a products class. And, yes, I did create a Get Hired Now intro teleclass and the Get Hired Now! teleseries with 7 hours of  instruction and small group coaching…at http://www.eCareerCorner.com But the best part was the … Continue reading

What Does It Mean to be An Entrepreneur?

Last weekend, I flew 3000 miles to attend a 2 1/2 day intense seminar with a small goup of entrepreneurs-not solopreneurs & according to the small business guru, there IS a huge difference! It brought up more questions than answers.  … Continue reading

What is Gather the Women?

Wed-June 7th, 7pm EST is my FREE tele-circle on Gather The Women, a grassroots organization¬† whose focus is on change-yourself-career growth, wellness in you and in the world. Most of my clients are midlife women-baby boomer women, and these womens … Continue reading