Taylor Hicks,American Idol, follower of his passion!

I’m hearing the “buzz” about America Idol everywhere!  Heck, I’m even blogging about it & I’m sure not the only one!

I thought about the music I heard & how Taylor always knew what was right for him-he followed his passion.  He obviously was having a blast and others responded!

That’s with anything you’re passionate about.  The solopreneur has a passion for doing something, inventing, helping…whatever it is-it’s so strong, you have to do it!

Many transitions happen along the way…For Taylor, an unknown to a superstar!  A single-not singing in bars, guest appearances, not being invisible-everyone will know him!  For the entrepreneur changes abound.  More clients & a clearer sense of purpose, doing a budget and creating a business/marketing strategic plan are all changes.

I love what I do-coaching and helping midlife women find their passion & reach their goals.  I have a friend who paints interiors & exteriors of residential homes.  He loves it-you can see the passion.

Are you a follower of your passion?

Take care,


Marcia the Transitions Chick!

Turning midlife into the RIGHT Life!

Marcia Merrill, Career/Life Coach, CCMC, JCTC

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