Writing a resume? Anyone can do that!

Caution: This is a rant!  I’m venting my frustrations.
I’ve heard this a thousand times!  "Anyone can do That!"
Anyone who ever had a job thinks they know the ins & outs of writing a good resume.
Countless employers tell me that most resumes that cross their desks don’t tell them how the candidates’ skill can help the employer…let alone what they can do to make the prospective employer want to hire them.
Writing an effective resume is a compelling "sales brochure" of you- not a paragraph of "buzzwords" or a list of I dids.  It shows how your skills & experience & education match the employer’s needs and the benefits they can bring.
Can anyone do this?
Is there something in which you’re an expert and hear-anyone can do that?!
Take care
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Writing a resume? Anyone can do that! — 2 Comments

  1. I’m a writer by profession and it took me a good month before I got a resume that really showed off my strengths. I crafted and reshaped, but it made a huge difference in the long run. When I update, I work equally as hard to make sure that my resume is still as strong.

  2. Hi Paula!
    Working hard to perfect your resume can be stressful as well as rewarding! Keep it updated so, if you need it, it’s ready! That’s what I tell all my clients & finally have done myself! 🙂

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