Midlife Woman Learns New Tricks!


My interview yesterday was with Yvonne Divita, the author of several blogs and the book, “Dickless Marketing-online marketing to women.”  Great book and do read her lipsticking blog!  All about midlife women, baby boomer women, women, in general!

What’s the new trick?  Recording interviews!  Yvonne believes women will make the world a better place by using technology-blogging & building community.

How cool is that?  That’s why I do Gather the Women-intro to womens circle groups-changing the world-one woman at a time!

My next one is June 7th at 7pm EST-listed at my web site- www.eCareerCorner.com

Go to teleclasses!  So, have you done interviews, recordings or simply “learned a new trick!”

What was your experience?


Marcia the Transitions Chick!

Turning midlife into the RIGHT Life!

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