What Makes Accountability Work?

In about an hour, I’m hosting a Master Mind group.  One of the areas we always talk about is accountability.  Organizing your goals-both daily, weekly and even long-term, like in 5 or 10 years, I will…I read that setting goals helps you know when you get there-a compass, a direction..But even more important than writing your goals down (which really separates the successful from the wannabes!)    Making a commitment on paper is a great first step.  Telling your group, your coach, your spouse/significant other or a friend makes it real-they can ask if you’re working on…That’s being held accountable!

You’ve heard me talk about the Get Hired Now! program-it’s a 28 day proven system for Landing that GREAT job!  What makes it work?  You get effective job search strategies & techniques, a way of handling obstacles to winning asa job-seeker and you team with a career coach (me) and a group of other job seekers to help provide the support and encouragement necessary to stay on track and succeed. May 16 & 18 at 2pm EST are first calls and then a month of Group Coaching calls each Tues at 2pm EST.  Details all on my web site www.eCareerCorner.com or www.MidlifeTransitionCoaching.com

This has the Bonus of keeping you focused, on track, decreasing overwhelm and stress and increasing well-being, income and happiness!

Can you do this by yourself?  Absolutely.  What’s the success rate of working on finding a GREAT job alone?  Not very good-in fact, less than 3%.

Accountability works.

Why do you think or disagree that it works?  Please comment!

Marcia Merrill

Career/Life Transitions Coach

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