“Invisible No More” Support & Encouragement in a book!

“Invisible No More-Secret Lives of Women over 50”-what a perfect complement to my coaching midlife women in transitions.  Good for midlife men, too! Wow!  Get it!  Check out the web site!  invisiblenomore.com    They are a great example of what … Continue reading

Amazing book “Invisible No More” by 3 baby boomer women solopreneurs of 52+

Ever been in perfect harmony with a book?  That’s me.  Tonight at On Purpose Networking for Women, we heard 3 amazing solopreneurs and midlife women are authors of the funny,poignant, sometimes, irreverent, always profound, “Invisible No More”.  They each read … Continue reading

A Bicycle shift?

I was thinking as we pedaled along-(uh-oh, I see a metaphor coming!) We tried to shift into a better gear & waited, hoping, it would just hurry up already!  That’s what many of my midlife women clients say…change is  uncomfortable…You … Continue reading

Have you seen Cowwithadream.com?

Yes, Rob Schultz is a genius!  He’s the animation movie/audio expert of cowwithadream.com-Great , fun movie/cartoon and  he’s a mega grossing solopreneur, runs a small business and is a successful entrepreneur.  Someone I believe I can be! Attitude is everything!  … Continue reading

Wellness vs. Health!

I started thinking about being healthy from both the INSIDE and out-now I know our Curves gym is a very positive place full of support & encouragement. It takes care of how we look and how we feel-as we get … Continue reading

The new solopreneur needing “training wheels”…

First you learn to crawl before you walk…I ride a bicycle built4 two ( a tandem)  this is the Kent County Spring-4 days bike rally in FLAT Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Great-overwhelmed-about 400+, but FUN! Chance to de-stress, step back … Continue reading


Changing Planes-it’s a lot like life. Isn’t it? You know being in an airport unfortunately “stuck” waiting to change planes is like life…It’s very similar to changing careers or any number of changes.  It seems everyone knows where they’re going … Continue reading

Power of Collaboration was fantastic!

Great, I need another idea, right? Entrepreneurs go into business-often, small business because of a few things…They’re passionate about their topic and want the freedom to create your own ideas and grow financially – learn about putting out an e-book, … Continue reading

What happens to your business when you’re away?

Whew! A sigh of relief escapes from this solopreneur…now, a small business of me & my Virtual Assistant, Gloria.  Someone to be a support, bounce ideas off of, build my client databases, create Marketing letters & flyers,help set me up for … Continue reading