Get Hired Now is getting closer…

I had a few days of ranting & raving but now I’m ba-ack!  I said I was talking about the creative process of writing this class.  Get Hired Now! is not my invention.  Career Coaches, C. J. Hayden & Frank Traditi wrote the text that I’m giving to all those who enroll in my teleseries.  I am a licensee and bring over 18 years in Career Development/Job Search to my teleclasses.

I’m looking forward to doing this again and am rewriting my class outlines to cover  the art of networking & more resume critiquingmore in depth the many aspects of career transitions both for career changers as well as new graduates and anyone in between.

I read how companies are looking for good employees-both entry-level, but also more management positions and leadership roles.  The 2006 grads want tuition reimbursement benefits, a good salary & exciting work.  They plan to progress, further their education & move on. Employers know that mature workers are stable, willing to stay with a good employer & grow.

What kind of employee are you?  Are you your own "employer"?

Marcia the Transitions Chick!

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