In case of emergency, eat chocolate!

I was reading Yvonne Divita’s  lip-sticking blog on Chocolate.  My fave food group-even when not in throes of stress or PMS!  I know some don’t like it-ok, what’s your favorite?  I’d like to hear!

I know I prefer European varieties-Belgian chocolates or even New Zealand!  I found a Chocolate bar that said 100% Guilt-Free-it was in a recycled box!  What’s  not to love?

And from NZ at that.  We tandem biked there-I’ll put up a picture soon as I figure out how!  Told you,I’m a "newbie" to the blogosphere world!

Hope to be a role model for all midlife women-it’s never to late!  You can always learn something new!

What new thing have you tried lately?  Pleae share!

Marcia the Transitions Chick!

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In case of emergency, eat chocolate! — 2 Comments

  1. This is funny. When I went to look at your blog just now, I was actually eating chocolate with one hand and typing with the other. I was eating a Cadbury’s Caramel egg, as they were 1/2 price at the grocery store. In general, I prefer dark chocolate and will sometimes splurge on a fancy chocolate bar from Whole Foods, like one from Endangered Species Chocolate. They donate 10 percent of their net profits to organizations that are committed to protecting endangered animal and plant species.

  2. Hi Danielle!
    That’s too funny! I was reading your comment, thanks, by the way for commenting…I was eating a Fudgie-they’re these decadent brownies!
    Marcia the Transitions Chick!

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