Take The Lead-A Coach’s Story?

Saw "Take The Lead"-ballroom dance teacher teaches at-risk youth self-esteem & mutual respect through the discipline of dance.  I’m no Antonio Banderas, but thought this sounded alot like the coaching experience.

He describes how one leads & the other CHOOSES to follow & share in the journey.  As a coach, I play both roles.  The most important role is that of one who follows, giving support & encouragement.  My coaching client leads – the focus is on her needs, not mine.

I’ve taken ballroom-not for very long-but working together toward a goal using a step-by-step process makes me think of how I treat my coaching clients!

Great movie, by the way-good lesson in life.  Isn’t this the hallmark of an effective coach?!

What do you think?  Seen the movie? 

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