What color IS your parachute? Huh?

The best-selling book, “What Color is Your Parachute?” by Richard Bolles is a great job search/career growth “bible”.  It has good exercises and provides some support.  But reading alone might not result in lasting change.  People in transitions-especially midlife women … Continue reading

Are you a workaholic?

As I find myself working at 7:40pm on a Sun. night…Am I a workaholic?  Yep.  My VA tells me to take a break.  I do. I have a meeting of On Purpose Networking for Women Wed night.  I love this … Continue reading

Blastoff to fame?

GetKnownNow Blastoff class is an 8 week series designed as a support & feedback class to help us win fame & fortune! 🙂 I wrote a chapter for a book,”Inspiration to Realization” due out in July.  My topic, what else … Continue reading

Lucky Slevin-good movie!

I interrupt my usually learned blogging to talk about a film!  A film makes you think while being entertaining…A movie just entertains…Not a bad thing-just my definitions. Lucky Slevin is a mind-teaser-just when you think you’ve figured it out…Nuff, don’t … Continue reading

Networking:Heaven or Hell?

The term, “networking” rarely invokes indifference.  Many look on it as a fun opportunity to meet new people and build relationships.  Others would rather have a root canal! I looked over last week’s schedule-4 “networking” events and I didn’t count … Continue reading