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Well, that’s what the "Blog Guru",otherwise known as Andy Wibbels,  www.andywibbels.com said…I’m taking a Blog2Bestseller  teleclass series with Andy and Suzanne Falter-Barnes, a reg oional & national publicity "guru"www.getknownnow.com.  Their teleclass series-so far, it’s great!  See, I’m a Career/Life Transitions Coach in Baltimore, Maryland-that’s the East Coast-"Maryland is for crabs"…The seafood, not rude folks!

I tell my coaching clients how we’re learning all the time-"works in progress"!  Some of my career change clients, especially those mid-life women, my specialty, feel they need to make the "right choice"-make it work!  Sometimes, opening yourself up to the process of finding your purpose, uncovering your passion and having meaning in your career, is "half the battle"!-This is vital to the entire journey and ultimately, the success!  I’m collaborating on a book about this and much more, stay tuned.  Soon, I’ll tell you how to download some of our work on mid-life careers!

Well, I guess that’s all for now-my former blog was with Blogger-http://eCareerChat.blogspot.com


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